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Our initial goal was to fill a void, to provide a discreet and disposable smoking experience that could be enjoyed just about anywhere at any time. Along the way we discovered even larger needs that weren’t being addressed…the need for a more responsible and accurate method of dispense, and the need for safer materials. Through trial and error a simple idea turned into a much bigger one, and something that we think you will agree is very special. A revolutionary new product evolved… and now we have a story to tell

The Select-O-Bowl System
A Smarter Revolution

There are many conventional ways to smoke dry leaf smoking material. So what makes the Caldwell’s Select-O-Bowl so special?

It's simple really. We started with the safest, smartest materials, sourced only in the USA. And then we added all of the forward thinking features that a discerning smoker would want.

The result is a smarter system of dry leaf smoking that allows smokers to choose the clean, accurately measured size that best suits their needs. It offers a safer, disposable, more discreet and convenient alternative to the conventional methods of smoking…a Smarter Revolution!

Smarter Materials

Caldwell’s are handmade by an empowered crew, using only the safest, most eco-friendly materials available. We are very proud that Caldwell’s are 100% sourced, manufactured, assembled and packaged by your friends, family and neighbors who live and shop right here in the USA.

100% Aluminum-Free Stainless Steel Bowl

  • Surgical-Grade Steel
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable
  • Organic Citrus-Based Passivation

100% Food-Grade Rigid Paper Tube

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Chlorine-Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable/Compostable

Smarter Size

Caldwell’s Select-O-Bowl is not your father’s one-size-fits-all pipe. Instead the Select-O-Bowl system takes the guesswork out of safe and responsible use. It allows smokers to choose from three measured bowl sizes. Smokers can confidently select the size that best suits their needs.




In addition to using superior raw materials, and offering a revolutionary, size-controlled dry leaf smoking system, the Select-O-Bowl also offers many other smarter, forward-thinking features that meet the evolving needs of smokers.

More Discreet & Familiar

Smokers can quickly and discreetly enjoy their favorite smoking material anytime, anywhere, with minimal invasiveness to those around them, and then immediately recycle the used product without the lingering effects of conventional smoking devices.

The Select-O-Bowl includes an optional filter sticker that can be applied to mimic the familiar look of a conventional filter cigarette. Or nix the sticker and go with the standard white.


The Select-O-Bowl also includes an optional end cap sticker that can be applied after filling the bowl. The end cap keeps your smoking material tidy and in place when you’re on the go.


Intuitive & Fast Loading

Nothing is this easy…Caldwell’s can literally be prepared in seconds where rolling papers, cones, and vaporizers require substantially more time and focused attention to prepare properly.

Disposable & Recyclable

We ask you to respect our shared environment! All materials are eco-friendly and recyclable so please recycle whenever possible.

Cleaner & Fresher

Traditional smoking pipes require cleaning, and who wants the burden and accompanying odor of carrying a residue-laden pipe around? Caldwell’s eliminates these hassles with a cost-effective and disposable alternative that delivers a clean, fresh smoking experience every time.

Caldwell’s are designed as a ‘single-use’ device. So for the cleanest and freshest taste always use a new Caldwell’s. Caldwell’s may be used multiple times, however repeated use results in compromised taste due to residue buildup.

Multi-Hole Matrix Bowl

The Select-O-Bowl features a unique multi-hole matrix designed to provide a comfortable and familiar draw experience. It also provides superior protection against unwanted ash.


Smarter Retail

Retailers boast a wide array of available dry leaf smoking material and Caldwell’s enables the retailer to profile samples of select varieties so discerning smokers can hone in on their preference.

Retailers can also use Caldwell’s to meet the needs of out of town visitors who may prefer smaller amounts of smoking material.

Please enjoy the discreet convenience of Caldwell’s responsibly!

Caldwell’s are sold only to approved retailers. We emphatically support the responsible use of our products. Sale of our product is governed by local laws that are enforced by the retailer.

The Smarter More Responsible Revolution Awaits. But First Please tell Us when you were Born ?

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